Tiltfactor | Come to the Mad Scientist Open House @Tiltfactor!
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Come to the Mad Scientist Open House @Tiltfactor!

Come to the Mad Scientist Open House @Tiltfactor!


THURSDAY // APRIL 19TH // 5-7:30 PM

NORTH FAIRBANKS HALL green entrance behind Tucker

This Thursday, come greet the ✿spring✿ with the folks behind Tiltfactor, Dartmouth’s game design and research lab!

See what games we’ve been cooking up, as well as some science-themed classics. Meet our diabolical student interns, staff, and founder Mary Flanagan. Participate in a study and get a treat!

To participate in the study you must be at least 18 years old. There are a limited number of slots so please RSVP @ geoff@tiltfactor.org.

Be there or be ❒.

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