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The lab’s overarching mission is to research, create, and critique games that could have a positive impact on behavior and especially by promoting equity and diversity. The Lab is included in the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy Games For Impact Committee as well as involved with other international affiliations and collaborations. We design and study games ranging from computer games, board games, and sports, for the purpose of education, public health, and societal benefit.

Sessions will take place in after school hours or the weekend, and food or a gift will be provided!

What’s a playtest like?

Players will get to play early versions of our games – games at preliminary stages of development as they are being made. This means the players have the opportunity to play games before other people have a chance to, and they can potentially influence future directions of the game as it is being made! Playtesters let the designers know what is working and what is not. Based on player feedback, we go back, revise the games, and test again. This process is called the “iterative” development process. Sometimes a player might play a few versions of the same game until we get it just right. Games range in format and style, from interactive iPad Moose adventures, games that explore ancient islands, or card games that explore possible careers. Players will also receive a credit for playtesting in the game documentation.

Benefits of playtesting include:

  • meeting game designers
  • meeting individuals working in technology, research, and design areas
  • learning about the game design process
  • helping to create something useful that others will see in the future
  • playing fun games

Our goal is creating games that are both fun and meaningful. The value of the feedback we get from our testers ensures that our games meet those goals.

Live far away? We’re equipped for distance playtesting! We can send or email materials to another city or site, and we hold playtests online over Skype with groups of interested players to involve those not living near Dartmouth’s campus!

What’s a research study like?

A research study is very much like a playtest, but we collect surveys or other types of information too. We’ll ask questions about attitudes and beliefs, and you’ll play the game and tell us what you think! We think you’ll have a lot of fun while helping us make the games excellent. Participants will be able to meet the game designers during or after the sessions and ask questions.

Email play4change -at- tiltfactor.org to get on our mailing list to participate, and be a valuable part of the game development process!

Thanks!! ~Mary Flanagan, Professor at Dartmouth College, and Director of Tiltfactor

  • Tiltfactor invents new ways of thinking about important social issues through engaging games and play. Founded and directed by leading innovator Dr. Mary Flanagan, Tiltfactor is the award-winning design studio and research laboratory that takes on problem areas of national need and creates solutions through playful design.