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This past week marked the launch of our brand new game in the Metadata Games project: Stupid Robot. In this quick and easy arcade game, players score points by teaching the adorable robot words about the image they are presented with. Players strive to teach it one word of each length, 4-letters long to 10-letters long – but there’s a catch! Stupid Robot doesn’t know every word; it only knows words that other players have already taught it.

“Stupid Robot looks at everything but understands nothing. Can you help? Teach it as much as you can about the image it sees. If you do well, soon Stupid Robot will become Smarty Robot!”

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 4.51.58 PM

As with all games in the Metadata Games project, playing Stupid Robot contributes data to libraries’ and museums’ digital collection, and makes the images in the game more accessible – to everyone: the libraries themselves, researchers, and the public. Play Stupid Robot, save digital artifacts from being lost to time!

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