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      There’s a great profile of our lab director Mary Flanagan out –Read the full story by Jennifer Wulff ’96, published in the November/December 2014 issue of Dartmouth Alumni Magazine. And Dartmouth Now has some Tiltfactor news to share too!

      There’s a lot going on in the lab this fall! Tiltfactor is hosting a webinar series on crowdsourcing; we just did “Crowdsourcing 101: Fundamentals and Case Studies,” and another is in the works for the new Crowdsourcing Consortium for Libraries and Archives (CCLA) funded by the IMLS. The group aims to bring together leading scholars, information specialists, archivists and more to collect best practices, shared tool sets, and strategies for using crowdsourcing. The first webinar attracted 187 registrants across 42 states as well as several countries.

      We’re continuing to cook with gas on our Metadata Games, the national standard open source crowdsourcing game platform. It’s now used with over 40 Collections represented at 9 Institutions and it includes tens of thousands of media items (images, audio, video) that have generated over 20K distinct tags.  The platform draws players to visit archives and explore humanities content while contributing to vital records. Current collaborations include the British Library, Boston Public Library, The Open Parks Network, Digital Public Library of America, and the American Antiquarian Society, among others. Thanks funders! National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the ACLS, and the Neukom Institute. We’ve also got some excellent new transcription games with BHL that will go live after the holidays.

      We were demoing a whole bunch of new games at the Boston Festival of Independent Games, Meaningful Play, and places I can’t even remember to tell you about.

      In October, the National Science Foundation awarded Tiltfactor a $1.1 million dollar grant for “INTRINSICS: An Interactive Narrative Technology for Classrooms in STEM,’’ a research program into the power of narrative technology to transform STEM classrooms. Our collaborator is the awesome social psychologist Melanie Green of the University at Buffalo, and Geoff Kaufman and Naomi Clark are core team members. 


      Finally, word has it that we may be doing a Bystander Intervention game with researchers at UNH. More on that as it develops. We are excited to further investigate the transformative power of both psychology and fiction!

      We can keep you up to date on our events via Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!

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    • Tiltfactor invents new ways of thinking about important social issues through engaging games and play. Founded and directed by leading innovator Dr. Mary Flanagan, Tiltfactor is the award-winning design studio and research laboratory that takes on problem areas of national need and creates solutions through playful design.
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