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      We are excited to announce Tiltfactor’s newest partnership with the American Antiquarian Society (AAS), which houses the largest and most accessible collection of printed materials from the United States, the West Indies, and parts of Canada pre-1876.

      (political cartoon in 1836, from American Antiquarian Society collection)

      (political cartoon in 1836, from American Antiquarian Society collection)

      The American Antiquarian Society recently completed photographing over 600 political cartoons produced in the United States between 1764 and 1876. This collection of images includes everything from very early cartoons relating to the establishment and operation of the federal government, to defaming depictions of local politicians embroiled in election-time battles. The AAS has partnered with Tiltfactor through the Metadata Games Project to tag this vast collection of early cartoons. On Wednesday, August 20th through Friday, August 22nd, the single-player game Zen Tag and the two-player game Guess What will exclusively contain AAS materials. While playing these games you will be able to tag these political cartoons with general descriptions of the subject matter–like “Constitution,” or “Annexation Texas”-as well as more specifics, such as naming key figures–like “Andrew Jackson.” During the duration of this tagging jamboree, this collection will also get unlocked in other Metadata Games.

      The AAS will make available additional image collections in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!


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